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Illuminated Sign Maintenance

Make a Great First Impression!

An illuminated sign often translates into a customer’s first impression of any business—determines whether they pop in or pass by. Make your business’ first impression a good one with Reluminate’s custom sign maintenance solutions.

Bright and clean illuminated signage creates a welcoming, open-for-business appearance. By contrast, dim, dirty and burned-out signs signal that you’re either closed for business or don’t care enough to invest in upkeep—both of which have the power to turn away potential customers.

Among our illuminated sign maintenance services

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Neon and lamp replacements

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Ballast replacements and upgrades

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Performance, reliability and energy efficiency are critical factors, given commercial signage needs to perform 365 days a year and, when outdoors, do so under even extreme weather conditions.

As a full-service shop, our team of highly skilled licensed electricians are experienced in all types of indoor and outdoor illuminated sign maintenance solutions. Our fleet of special-purpose vehicles also includes boom trucks, which allows us to service illuminated signs—no matter how big or how high.

We stock only the highest-quality components and offer great pricing on our work to deliver customer service with guaranteed satisfaction.


At Reluminate, we help property owners and managers build and maintain sustainable lighting solutions that save on long-term energy and maintenance costs. Our industry-leading work is found in residential properties, sports facilities, industrial sites, and public and commercial buildings throughout the Upper Midwest.

Lighting technology is evolving rapidly. Stocking only the highest-quality innovative advancements and product solutions, Reluminate helps you to optimize energy performance in all your projects—whether it’s installing sensors to reduce costs when spaces are unoccupied or retrofitting existing systems with updated lamp technology.

Please get in touch to learn more about Reluminate’s complete line of services, including our illuminated sign maintenance solutions.

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