Customer Portal

Our Secure Customer Portal

Reluminate’s secure customer portal gives commercial property owners and managers tools to efficiently manage their lighting maintenance activities. Our secure customer portal provides direct access to site plan drawings that identify the location and status of lighting equipment, among other information, to provide:

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·Visibility into specific details of installed equipment, service history and pending maintenance needs.

Easy and efficient way to organize and track warranty and budgeting information.

Below is a sample of what our customers can expect and see when logging in to their account:

A site plan of the property lighting infrastructure is created on a CAD drawing, logging details of each light such as type, installation heights, distance between fixtures along with the location of time clocks, photo eyes, etc.

Our software keeps track of service life, providing color-coded alerts on maintenance cycles for improved budgeting. Users interactively zoom into “hotspots” to view complete maintenance history and warranty information records.



Lighting technology is evolving rapidly. Stocking only the highest-quality innovative advancements and product solutions, Reluminate helps you to optimize energy performance in all your projects—whether it’s installing sensors to reduce costs when spaces are unoccupied or retrofitting existing systems with updated lamp technology.

We offer only the highest-quality components to deliver customer service with guaranteed satisfaction. Our volume purchasing agreements with leading manufacturers of high-quality lighting equipment also enable us to provide great prices while helping you achieve your lighting goals.

Our team of highly skilled experts understands that keeping the lights on is a critical issue for property owners and managers. But so, too, is reliable lighting management, cost-effective solutions and energy-saving updates that improve property infrastructure.

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Create a welcoming, open-for-business appearance.

Reduce operational costs by lowering energy consumption and maintenance expenses.

Provide dependable lighting for safety and security.

Satisfy LEED® certification requirements.

As a full-service shop, our team of licensed electricians are experienced in all types of sustainable lighting solutions. Before we recommend any changes, we’ll conduct an energy audit to determine the best ways for you to save on energy consumption and maintenance charges while improving overall the quality of your lighting infrastructure.