Reluminate Lighting Recycling Services

Get Rid Of Lighting Waste Without The Hassle

Disposing of old fluorescent lighting tubes can be a nuisance. Even more important: It’s illegal to toss them in the trash!

Reluminate can help you painlessly and cost-effectively recycle lighting waste—as either a scheduled drop-by or as a routine part of our comprehensive lighting infrastructure maintenance subscription service.

In addition to providing a barrel for waste collection and pickup, we’ll fill out a recycling certificate for your recordkeeping.

Reluminate’s lighting recycling services include

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Lamp and ballast recycling

Florescent tube recycling

Our Lighting Maintenance
Subscription Service

We create customized schedules for inspecting, cleaning, and replacing lamps to reduce energy and
maintenance costs while offering reliable ease in annual budgeting. All lighting waste is removed for
recycling as a routine part of our comprehensive lighting maintenance subscription service.

Step 1

We conduct an energy audit and complete analysis of your lighting infrastructure to determine the best ways to save on energy consumption and maintenance charges.

Step 2

We create a site plan of your property reflecting all information, down to the lamp type and date of replacement. This site map is kept up-to-date and available for review through your secure customer portal.

Step 3

Our highly skilled technicians create a lighting maintenance schedule for inspecting, cleaning, and replacing lamps and other equipment. Each subscription is custom-built, reflecting a clear outline of lighting maintenance needs and costs.

Whether you require the occasional scheduled drop-by or opt for our complete
lighting maintenance subscription service, count on Reluminate to take the
hassle out of recycling your lighting waste.

About Us

At Reluminate, we help property owners and managers build and maintain sustainable lighting solutions that save on long-term energy and maintenance costs. Our industry-leading work is found in residential properties, sports facilities, industrial sites, and public and commercial buildings across the Upper Midwest.

Our skilled licensed electricians are experienced in all types of commercial sustainable lighting solutions to help our customers save time and money. Our fleet of special-purpose vehicles includes boom trucks, allows us to service lights and signage at any height—and are stocked with spare parts to meet any demand.

We offer only the highest-quality components and great pricing on our work to deliver customer service with guaranteed satisfaction.

Please get in touch to learn more about Reluminate’s recycling options for your commercial or industrial property.

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