Security Lights & Outdoor Lighting Maintenance
Turn To Reluminate For Visibility, Security and Safety

Parking structures and outdoor areas require constant illumination during evening hours to provide visibility, security and safety—and to create a welcoming, open-for-business appearance.

Performance, reliability and energy efficiency are critical factors, given commercial outdoor lighting infrastructure needs to perform under all types of conditions 365 nights a year.

Among the services we offer


Lamp and ballast replacement

Group (4)

Repair of underground line breaks

Group (5)

Fast repair of storm damage

Group (6)

Regular site inspections and cleaning

As a full-service shop, our team of licensed electricians are experienced in all types of sustainable lighting solutions. Before we recommend any changes, we’ll conduct an energy audit to determine the best ways for you to save on energy consumption and maintenance charges while improving the overall quality of your outdoor lighting.

Our fleet of special-purpose vehicles includes boom trucks, which allow us to service lights at any height, and are stocked with spare parts to meet any demand.

Turn to Reluminate for your security lights and outdoor lighting maintenance of


Flood Lights

Flood lights are mounted on rooftops, exterior walls and poles to project a broad beam of light.


Parking Lot Lights

Parking lot lights typically are mounted on poles to illuminate a large area.


Landscape/Yard Lights

Landscape and yard lights provide illumination for landscaping features and signage.


Canopy Lights

Canopy lights are used to provide illumination in areas with overhangs, such as gas pumps and doorways.


Wall Pack Lights

Wall pack lights provide lighting to entrances, exits, garages and other exterior features.

About Reluminate

At Reluminate, we help property owners and managers build and maintain sustainable lighting solutions that save on long-term energy and maintenance costs. Our industry-leading work is found in residential properties, sports facilities, industrial sites, and public and commercial buildings across the Upper Midwest.

We offer only the highest-quality components and great pricing on our work to deliver customer service with guaranteed satisfaction. Our secure customer portal provides direct access to site plan drawings that identify the location and status of lighting equipment, among other information, to give commercial property owners and managers the tools necessary to efficiently manage their outdoor lighting infrastructure.

Please get in touch to learn more about Reluminate’s security lights and outdoor lighting maintenance solutions.

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