Energy-Saving Lighting Retrofits

Energy-saving lighting retrofits are an increasingly popular option for commercial and industrial business owners and managers looking to save on building operating costs. The energy- and maintenance-saving benefits are obvious, but upgrading your lighting has several advantages.

Benefits of an energy-saving lighting retrofit by Reluminate:


Energy Savings

Roughly 90% of a building’s whole life cost, which includes the cost of the building itself, goes to operating expenses—the largest portion of which is spent on energy costs related to lighting. A lighting retrofit by Reluminate can reduce energy costs by as much as 80% year-to-year.


Reduced Maintenance Costs

Traditional light fixtures have a limited lifespan, incurring significant replacement costs and labor hours. New lighting technologies offer considerably longer operating lifespans, reducing ongoing associated costs. Even short-life LEDs, for instance, have a lifespan twice that of long-lasting fluorescent lamps.


Improved Lighting Quality

The primary measure of light quality is Color Rendering Index (CRI), a measurement of how natural colors render under an artificial light source compared to sunlight. The index runs from 0 to 100. New lighting technologies achieve a CRI of 90 or above, significantly higher than that of traditional lighting sources. Research ties better-quality lighting to increased efficiency and productivity as well as improved employee morale.


Increased Safety

Research shows that crime decreases by about 40% when effective outdoor lighting is in place. New lighting technologies are bright and crisp—improving the lighting environment of building interiors and increasing safety in parking lots and other exterior spaces.



Saving on energy and maintenance costs is attractive on its own, but incentives and rebates sweeten that deal even more. Federal, state and local governments—along with lighting manufacturers and utility companies—offer rebates and other incentive programs to offset most of a retrofit’s costs. Our volume purchasing agreements with leading manufacturers also enable us to provide great prices while helping you achieve your lighting goals.


Our skilled licensed electricians are experienced in all types of commercial sustainable lighting solutions to help our customers save time and money. Our fleet of special-purpose vehicles includes boom trucks, allows us to service lights and signage at any height—and are stocked with spare parts to meet any demand. We offer only the highest-quality components and great pricing on our work to deliver customer service with guaranteed satisfaction.

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