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Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance Solutions

Cost-Saving Technology

Energy Updates

Access real-time site maps to track lighting maintenance for your commerical buildings using our password protected Customer Portal.

Lights out? Contact Reluminate's lighting experts to request emergency service or schedule a free on-site evaluation.


Maintenance Solutions

Reluminate helps commercial property owners achieve business objectives:

  • Create a welcoming, open-for-business appearance
  • Reduce operational costs by lowering energy consumption and maintenance expenses
  • Provide dependable lighting for safety and security
  • Satisfy LEED® certification requirements
  • On Call Repairs at pre-agreed rates or affordable Scheduled Maintenance Plans. Reluminate service programs are tailored to specific customer needs. Customers depend on Reluminate for prompt, high quality response to all service requests. Looking to save money on your lighting needs, contact Reluminate.
  • The Reluminate solution: Special purpose vehicles stocked with spare parts enable efficient service work. Skilled, licensed electricians experienced with commercial lighting save time and money. High quality components and great pricing on service work. Dedication to customer service with guaranteed satisfaction.